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Engineering Spirit and the Delft Hyperloop project

The Delft hyperloop project

The competition

For the Delft Hyperloop project (competition 2016) we sponsored the BMSses.
The Delft Hyperloop project | Engineering Spirit BV

Drive & support supply

Engineering Spirit, is dedicated to provide customers with complete BMS solutions with communication and advanced features.

We help our customers with:

  • Double the battery life time and extend warranty
  • Reduce life-time cost
  • Certification for UN38.3 and IEC 62133-2:2017
  • Obtain real service information from a pack

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A BMS for on-board lithium batteries

  • Battery life extension by one factor 2
  • Diagnostic data readable The BMS module has been designed with safety in mind.

How may we help yóu?

You can make already a lot of progress in one conversation. We will specifically address the questions and problems that you need to solve.

We will discuss your future related and product strategies. To easy your tasks, we will immediately give you a number of possible solution.