Technical Software


Technical software focuses on the presentation of data and the algorithmic solution of problems. It is often used in industrial and laboratory applications.

By combining Technocal software with Electronics, Engineering Spirit provides integrated solutions across the full spectrum of automation functions.

If Cloud storage or processes is required, it will be implemented on a Cloud server. By combining technical software and electronics Engineering Spirit serve you across the spectrum of the IT function. This software is often written in C ++ or C #.

Examples of project using this technology:

Color Graphic 3.2” LCD with Touchscreen

This compact LCD screen can be used by a host computer as a remote graphical terminal. The RS485 communication guarantees a fast and reliable data connection on 1Mbaud.

Custom made PLC

For many applications, the use of a PLC is a good and cost effective solution. When special sensors are required, for which standard electronics is expensive, cost reduction may be feasible using a custom design and integrated solution. When production volume rises, standard PLC solutions will prove significantly more costly.