Engineering Spirit BV is a creative partner for technology solutions and services.
Customers benefit from the design services and production of electronic systems without the need for their own development department. We ensure that we keep pace with the rapid changes in electronics technologies and resources at our disposal.
Since 1991, we are the pro-active partner for smart applications with electronics for measurement and control technology, complete with development and manufacturing serices.


Electronic design services

Engineering Spirit designs embedded electronics according to customer requirements. We are a specialized team with a experience in many technologies and application areas.

Embedded Software

Embedded software is the software that is internal to a devices and performs the various tasks of the device.


We build PC and Cloud Server software for storage and processing of the data that comes from the electronics. The software can be built to be compatible with the major Windows and Linux versions.


The presentation of data may be done on an Tablet or Phone (using Android or Apple).

Production & Test

In addition to the development of the prototype, we provide production and test of the product.