Secure bootloader Framework


The secure bootload Framework provides a solution for embedded software builders to protect their investment. It protects against both, unauthorized copies and loading of unauthorized firmware.

The following features are supported:

  • Bootloader:
    • Bootloader and Application checksum key (detection of corrupted file)
      • Bootloader checks for valid Application file
      • Application checks that it has a valid (authentic) Bootload.
    • Encrypted firmware programming file with version number
    • Manage MCU read / write protection (Memory Locking)
    • Bootload can block the use of JTAG (readout!) on STM32 chips.
    • Hardware revision control with matching of compatible firmware
    • Portable to different platforms
  • Application Startup:
    • Relocate the interrupt vector table for the application
    • Start the watch-dog before starting the application
  • PC Programming
    • USB Programming tool with revision list
    • Tools for other programming communication
Bootloader build process
Bootloader build process

The firmware build process for the bootloader takes the Hex output and encrypts it with the Firmware Release tool. The encryption uses the same (customer and application specific) key as was installed in the bootloader. The resulting Update File can be distributed safely.

An update application (like the provided USB Programming tool) is facilitated by a number of available libraries.

Available in per-use license or as lump-sum license.

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