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A 868MHz wireless communication module, using 6LoWPAN

AxAvior wireless module

AxAvior wireless module | Engineering Spirit BV

A family of wireless sensors based on the (standard) Ethernet IPV6 protocol, allowing 2 directions of communication. The modem version, works with a standard AT-command set. This makes application very easy. A software platform is available for the processing of the sensor data. This is all part of the “Internet of Things” platform.

The basic part for the “Internet of Things” is a very low-power communucation module. The communication protocol 6LoWPan (based on IPV6) was chosen since it is most flexible and relies on existing, proven standards. Thus, the device communicates directly with a (internet) server (or some other device on the Internet), without any need for protocol converters. The system forms a mesh network. One unit passes information to the next until the Internet router is reached.

This makes it easy to use and very versitile.

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Wireless communication, 6LoWPAN, Remote control, Internet of Things

A 868MHz wireless communication module, using 6LoWPAN