Isolated USB to USB and serial adapter: TTL, RS232, RS485


This universal interface provides the PC with a galvanic isolation to either another USB port or an RS232, RS485 or serial TTL. Galvanic isolation is often required for safety or to prevent ground currents.

If your device is connected to other things, interference may occur due to ground currents and voltage differences.
Or even worse, if connected to the Mains power, it may even be dangerous! That is where isolation comes in.


  • USB (full speed 12MBit/s) → isolated USB
  • Isolated 200mA USB power
  • USB → isolated RS232
  • USB → isolated RS485
    (with selectable termination)
  • USB → isolated serial TTL
  • ESD protection (except for TTL)
  • 500V isolation


  • Development of electronics
  • Testing / debugging
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