Precision measurement technology

Accurate measurement is the cornerstone of every instrument, and also of most electronic controllers. Measurements are digitally read and gathered or transmitted.

Intrinsic Safety (ATEX)

When using electronics in an explosive environment must be taken special measures. The energy that can be generated in the electronics must present limited by the use of intrinsically safe circuits. This is achieved by limiting both voltage (U) and current (I).

Embedded system

Embedded system is electronics, with a microcontroler that performs it's tasks by means of software. From the outside, it is sometimes not easy to see that a microcontroller or processor is used. Also much larger systems may be based on embedded software, such as a navigation system or a machine control.

Technical Software

Technical software focuses on the presentation of data and the algorithmic solution of problems. It is often used in industrial and laboratory applications.

Network / Field Buses

Embedded systems often need to communicate with the outside world. The availability of standard Ethernet / Internet inside buildings quickly creates the desire that the embedded system can be controlled andoperated using that same network.

Internet of Things – communication

Communication is nowadays a must-have feature for most electronic devices, be it through wires or wireless. The Axtrel platform for IoT (Internet of THings) data collection makes for a robust data-collection system and is easy to implement.

Android/iOS Apps

For some applications, an App can to be used for the display of data. The App can be made for Android or iOS.