Embedded system


Embedded system is electronics, with a microcontroler that performs it’s tasks by means of software. From the outside, it is sometimes not easy to see that a microcontroller or processor is used. Also much larger systems may be based on embedded software, such as a navigation system or a machine control.

In many cases, the internal computer is built around a microprocessor provided with the software (the program). The software will often be written in the language C or C ++.

Examples of projects using this technology

Color Graphic 3.2” LCD with Touchscreen

This compact LCD screen can be used by a host computer as a remote graphical terminal. The RS485 communication guarantees a fast and reliable data connection on 1Mbaud.

Custom made PLC

For many applications, the use of a PLC is a good and cost effective solution. When special sensors are required, for which standard electronics is expensive, cost reduction may be feasible using a custom design and integrated solution. When production volume rises, standard PLC solutions will prove significantly more costly.

Portable ECG/Holter recorder

For years, cardiologists have made use of portable Holter / ECG (Electro Cardio Graph) recordings, especially with patients that experience intermittent problems.

True 1Gb Ethernet module

The hardware based Gigabit data module is designed for applications that require very high speed data throughput over Ethernet.


Manufacturers of embedded controlers that we use: