Embedded Software


Embedded software is the software that is internal to a devices and performs the various tasks of the device.

The possibilities are enormous, from filtering of input signals to complex control algorithms. In addition, this software will often communicate with other devices, such as web servers or apps on a tablet or phone. As such, it is part of “The Internet Of Things” (IoT).

Almost all electronics makes use of embedded software (see portefolio). Often, provisions can be made to allow updates of the embedded software. This can prove a valuable feature as improvements can be added during the life-time of the device, even for devices that already have been shipped.


Technologies used:

  • Flash memory for program storage.
  • EEprom for storage of settings.
  • Design methodologies for the implementation of the required functions.
  • Low-power by power saving functions, to extend the battery life time.
  • Digital signal processing (see DSP)

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