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PCB design for equipment and devices

PCB / printed circuit design

What is the advantage of a custom PCB design

Having your own circuit board for your device has a number of advantages. Cost savings through:

  • Less wiring, shorter installation time, thus fewer errors.
  • Simple programming, like a PLC
  • Integration of sensor electronics
  • Integration of actuator controls
  • Easier customer support


A favourable result can also be achieved on the output side.


For output currents below 10A, relays in PCB versions are very compact. Because they are wired on the PCB, connecting them takes little time. The saving is then in wiring and assembly time from the PCB to an external relay out as well as improved reliability. Per relay, the savings are often between €10 and €20.

Using Solid State relays on the PCB may open up new possibilities, such as soft-start in motors.

Servo control

When using control valves, an integrated electronic solution is cheap and robust to make, and also considerably cheaper than standard interfaces.

Especially with small motors, control can be much more favourable. An integrated solution then costs ca € 12 - 20, against a standard motor driver of € 100 - 150.
If you need e.g. 2, that already saves € 200.


Usually, standard industrial sensors are used. Those are handy, e.g. 0-24V. But they are not really cheap, and often a bit large.

Then it quickly pays to replace them with an electronic sensor on a PCB. To clarify a few examples:

A thermo-coupler temperature measurement

A thermo-coupler requires special electronics. This is available for e.g. PLC’s as an interface of e.g. € 40 - 80 per input.

If a circuit board is designed anyway, this electronics may be added for about € 15.
If you need 3 of them, this will already save € 200.

A force measurement bridge (Loadcell)

Force or weight measurement is often done with a strain gauge bridge. For this purpose, a measuring amplifier is used to create a 0 - 10V signal.

Again, if a circuit board is designed anyway, the measuring amplifier can be integrated for about € 15.
Special firmware can also provide a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Such an electronic design needs to be properly addressed in order to avoid parts having to be developed and tested more than once.` Therefore, depending on the production size, we spend a lot of time on analysis and optimisation.

Our specialty is at its best when you let us participate in thinking about your entire solution.

We are happy to take up this challenge. Will you take the step?

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