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Precision analogue measurements; Audio, RF and ultrasonic. Measurement systems for your applications

Application specific Measurement equipment, R&D instruments, Laboratory equipment, sensor measurements

In situations where very often the same set of measurements is carried out, a specific measuring instrument can provide for:

  • shorter measuring times
  • simpler setup
  • integration with robots.
  • cheaper in maintenance and calibration.

We achieve this by combining all necessary measurements in one device.
In addition to functional advantages, this also offers a cost advantage.


Custom Measurement instruments | Audio, RF, Ultrasonic | Engineering Spirit BV

Areas of application

We provide solutions, especially for non-standard applications. These find their use in R&D environments and laboratories, but also as equipment in production final qualification.
By making a specialized measuring instrument, you will reduce handling and support time while the price is much more favorable.


  • Optimized measurements to minimize measuring time
  • Convenient setup for less installation time, wiring and errors
  • Cost efficient compared to standard measuring equipment

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