Electronics design

Why should have electronics development done?

We provide electronic design services for companies that develop and build appliances and machines in series. We do this in such a way that the solution is optimal and the costs are low.

As a professional partner, we relieve them of the burden, so that they can concentrate fully on their own expertise.

With our years of experience, we create unique, reliable solutions for our customers. Amongst others, we have that experience in Internet of Things (IoT), Measurement equipment, Control electronics and Power electronics.

The balance between Function and Cost

For an optimal solution, we first discuss the product strategy with the R&D manager and management.

Then we work according to a project plan. In doing so, we work out the product functions, create a prototype and a test plan, which guarantees delivery quality.

  • Requirements
  • Analysis
  • Global design
  • Electronics implementation
  • Electronics qualification
  • Customer acceptance
  • Inspections
  • Production preparation
  • Production

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