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Custom control electronics

Custom-made control electronics

Electronics on a PCB

For devices such as HVAC, shop equipment, candy or beverage vending machines, the control is achieved through of embedded electronics.

As the number of devices made exceeds about 100 per year, the cost of an embedded machine controller is much more favourable than for a standard PLC.

This is because many external components and wiring can be accommodated on the circuit board.


In terms of price, it is advantageous to place Power Supplies, Relays, Transmitter Modules and Modems for e.g. GSM/LTE on the PCB.
Sometimes special sensors are needed, for which separate electronics have to be made.
This also applies to actuators such as ventilators or servo motors which require a servo control or frequency converter.


By means of electronics design, the control electronics are accommodated entirely on one PCB. After all, wiring and external parts are omitted, and only one part needs to be ordered.

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