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Solution for custom PLC electronics, optimized for cost. Cost reduction by more than 30%.

Application specific PLC

The use of a PLC is a favourable solution for many installations. Sometimes special sensors are needed, for which separate electronics have to be made. By building these electronics into the PLC an enormous saving is achieved. Both on the electronics, calibration and assembly costs.

Converting the PLC software, as well as its maintenance, is easy, using the standard language for PLCs: IEC 61131-3.

Learning a new language (such as C/C++ or C#) is then not necessary.


Custom PLC embedded electronics | Engineering Spirit BV

30% Cost reduction by:

  • Less wiring
  • Short assembly time.
  • Expandable
  • Integration of sensor electronics.

While preserving:

  • Being able to customize the program yourself (as a customer).
  • Cloud connection for IoT (Internet Of Things).
  • Modbus for connecting other devices
  • High performance, by 32-bit ARM controller.
  • Reliable SMD assembly technique.

Program options of your choice:

  • Update remotely IEC 61131-3
    • Ladder diagram (LD)
    • Function block diagram (FBD)
    • Structured text (ST)
    • Instruction list (IL)
  • C/C++
  • options for other languages

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