Your custom made BMS for Lithium packs

Engineering Spirit, is dedicated to provide customers with complete Lithium packs and Battery management system (BMS) solutions with communication and advanced features.

Such a BMS system may be used for bicycles, scooters, motorbike batteries and AGV’s (Automatic Guided Vehicle) or industrial equipment.

  • Suitable for UN38.3, IEC 62133 and EN 50604-1
  • 24, 36V, 48V (6 to 16S)
  • 20A and higher
  • Cell life extension for longer warranty periods
  • CAN communication (opt. I2C, LIN, Serial)
  • Extended protection and safety features
  • Readable event log for warranty claim evaluation
  • Excellent State-of-Charge indication

With this BMS, your battery will have a long life so you can offer a longer warranty period to customers. Unlike many BMSs, the state-of-charge is always displayed correctly.
The BMS complies with the necessary approvals for shipping by road, train and plane (important for service and replacement). It also provides remote access to operating and service information.

We offer standard Lithium BMS solutions through .