Battery Management System for Lithium based packs


This Battery Management System (BMS) for the E-bike industry, supports event history logging, temperature, drop and moisture sensors and CAN / I2C communication.

It offers advanced support for quality control (QC), warranty control and safety features and is 100% compliant with UN38.3 and IEC 62133-2:2017.

It is especially usefull for e-bike and e-motor cycles and helps the manufacturer to deal with warranty related issue. It provides clear reports about the use and mis-use of the battery, by means of the event history.

The BMS is a full SMT design for the highest reliability. It provides a communication interface for data readout.



  • 9 to 15 cell groups (32 to 54V packs)
  • Current protection 15A continuous, 20A peak
  • Higher currents on request
  • Deep-sleep / transport mode
  • Precharge circuit
  • 100% compliant with UN38.3 and IEC 62133-2:2017


  • Passive balancing
  • Real-time clock
  • Event history storage for about 3000 event
  • Auto power down to deep-sleep mode.
  • Wakeup on: Boot button, Boot line, Communication, Charger detection.
  • Battery authentication


  • CAN or I2C communication
  • Smart Battery System protocol (SBS 1.1)
  • Other or custom protocols possible
  • Readout of defective battery possible


  • Multiple temperature sensor
  • Drop sensors
  • Moister sensor


  • Cell based over/under voltage protection
  • Pack overload and peak currrent protection
  • Over/Under Temperature protection